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This is an introductory class for the beginner dancer, age 3. During this class, students will become familiar with basic movements and stretches used to strengthen their bodies and prepare them for their journey through dance. Basic ballet and jazz movements will be introduced.

This is a technique based class focusing on posture, balance, self-discipline, grace, self-confidence, fitness and individual expression. It is the foundation of dance and a mandatory class here at the Tia Russell Dance Studio. Students ages 4-adult may enroll. Adult students at TRDS are not required to take ballet, yet strongly encouraged.

This is a class focusing on isolations of the body and reflects a person’s emotions through body movement like shaking, twisting and swinging. Jazz dance is fast-paced, energetic and a rhythmic form of dance. As the student advances, movements such as turns, leaps and jumps will be added to the practiced routines. Jazz dance is essentially a performance of movements and rhythms with a main purpose of entertaining self as well as others. Students ages 4-adult may enroll.

This class concentrates on the fundamentals of Hip Hop movement. This is a very up-beat class with high energy. This class focuses on stretching, isolations, rhythms, musicality, upper body strength and jazz funk choreography. Commercial hip hop styles as demonstrated on the latest music videos to popular music will be the influence of this class. Students ages 5-adult may enroll.

This class is active and uses the concept of total body articulation. Dancers will learn fancy footwork, jumps and intricate head and body movements. Dancers will practice across the floor movements, learn choreography and practice individual expression during bembe circles. All class work will be practiced and performed to African drumming. Students ages 5-Adult may enroll.

Tap classes are offered to students ages 5-Adult. Students focus on rhythm musicality and timing. Classes begin with an energetic warm-up, across the floor exercises and end with a choreography combination. Our beginner students focus on the fundamental skills in tap dance and body placement. As they advance, they work on an increase of speed and difficulty of steps.

This class is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques. This is a very expressive form of dance through movement. Depending on the given song and choreography, lyrical pieces may not be graceful, but will always be expressive and unpredictable. Lyrical is based around choreography and the interpretation of the music. Routines are based around the spirit of emotion. Students ages 13-Adult may enroll.

Modern technique is designed to correct and improve dancer’s physical limitation so that they might pursue any form of dance. The Horton technique concentrates on defining shapes and dancer’s ability to move through the shapes with energy and use of space. Some of the exercises used to strengthen the body are flat-backs, lateral stretches, tilt lines, lunges and circular movements. The primary focus of this class is to create length in the spine and hamstrings. As the student progresses, exercises will become longer and more complex. Students ages 9-adult may enroll.